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Truck Support Contacts


The following is a list of frequently requested phone numbers that
may be useful in answering some of your truck related questions

 Name of Service
Public Phones
Body Builders Advisory Service 877-840-4338
Ford Alternative Fuels 800-343-5338  
National Alt. Fuel Hotline 800-423-1DOE 703-528-1953
Ford Customer Assistance Center 800-392-3673 313-446-3977
Ford Fleet Hotline
(QVM Limo, Police/Taxi, and Drop-Ship Codes)
800-343-5338 313-390-4814
Ford RV Dealer (locator) 800-444-3311   
Ford RV Information Service 800-245-7343 248-936-3300
HELM, Inc. 800-782-4356 313-865-5927
Mobility Motoring Program 800-952-2248 800-292-7842
NHTSA Hotline 888-327-4236  
NMEDA 800-833-0427 813-931-4683
NTEA 800-441-6832 248-489-8590
Ford Component Sales Group
United Group 800-223-7003 847-816-7111


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